Spa Installation

Installation by Our Expert, Trained Technicians

Expert, Professional Installation

Imagine slipping into a spa with soothing warm water where your tired muscles become revitalized. A spa can help bring you to a more relaxed state, and the warmth of the water provides a wonderful massage experience.

Our trained technicians can install your spa efficiently and with your specific needs in mind.  Our installation team will do the work of delivering, filling and connecting your wires to the spa.  They may make recommendations regarding spa placement, type of foundation, ventilation and other considerations.

We will assist you in making a spa selection based on your planned use.  Spas are typically used for relaxation, hydrotherapy, pain relief and increased circulation.

Indoor and Outdoor Spas

Considerations for indoor spas:

  • Available space
  • Foundation and floor support 
  • Proper ventilation
  • Room for seating and storage

Considerations for outdoor spas:

  • Proper level foundation and support for yard or deck
  • Use of fence, screen or plants for privacy
  • Matching the spa selection to yard size and dimensions
  • Within range of water source and electrical hookup
  • Placement: yard centerpiece or private placement

So, if you are looking for expert spa installation, give us a call at (256) 858-1818. We promise to exceed your expectations!